Matt Angelino


Professional, friendly, savvy and energetic is how loyal clients describe this young entrepreneur, Matt Angelino.  It is an accurate reflection of his strong work ethic, experience, out of the box thinking and incredible level of ingenuity that he engages during the sales process. 

He takes the time to fully comprehend his client’s needs and their property’s intricacies in order to build an effective sales strategy that will deliver their desired outcome in a straightforward and timely manner.  This approach has lead Matt to receive industry recognition on his successes. 

Matt has deep roots in the industry with experience and passion beginning at a very early age through his mother owning her own successful Real Estate agency and exposing him to high quality property salesmanship


Faye Haylock

Faye Haylock is a Multi Award winning sales consultant, with 16 highly successful years within the real estate industry. 

Reaching the pinnacle of owning her agency for a number of those years. Faye decided it was time to get back to her roots and the very reason she started in real estate - the people. Faye radiates passion, positivity and composure in all market conditions, of which, belnds beautifully with her natural confidence and organisational skills. All this forms a sense of ease and peace of mind within her client throughout the buying and/or sales process.

Renowned for the level of which she indeed looks after her clients interests and consistently over-achieving on their desired outcomes, Faye is the consummate real estate partner. Her years of success are a direct result of her professional fervor and sincerity, which has allowed her to repeatedly gain and develop strong, loyal and successful client relationships. 




Chantel Colefax

Having spent many years in the hair and beauty industry, Chantel understands the importance of going above and beyond to ensure her clients needs and met in a timely manner.

Renowned for her enthusiastic approach to customer service, Chantel is excited to bring her skills to the Clear Property Group team.